Published by Republic of Jazz
Young Bulgarian composer and saxophonist Dimitar Liolev mixes rhythms and ornaments of Balkan folk and jazz, with an impressive avantgarde and creative aproach. 
Republic of Jazz

Published by Jazz Views
 Excellent album from a fairly new band on the Eastern block.
Ken Cheetham

Published by Jazz Weekly
A mix of creativity, adventure and darkly swinging shadows.
George W. Harris

An inspired Bulgarian quartet collaborates on some Slavic-flavored original jazz charts.
Fritz Balwit

Published by Lemon Wire
Audiences don’t have to be familiar with Bulgarian jazz, or even Bulgarian folk traditions to appreciate what Liolev does here. The songs are at turns avant-garde, and at turns traditional. But the art of jazz is present on each piece, and that is perhaps the most important thing. read more
Dodie Miller-Gould

Published by Jazz News
Young Bulgarian composer and saxophonist Dimitar Liolev mixes rhythms and ornaments of Balkan folk and jazz, with an impressive avant-garde and creative approach.
Nestor Minsk

It's a balancing act, one done with considerable finesse. Perhaps that's because the two genres blend so naturally with each other that you aren't completely aware of its hybrid nature. You can approach  Eastern Shadows  from an intellectual angle, uncovering those Balkan influences and determining… read more
The Vinyl Anachronist

Не часто появляются на наших страницах альбомы с болгарским джазом. Тем интереснее было послушать музыку сорокачетырехлетнего саксофониста и композитора Димитара… read more
Леонид Аускерн

Published by Midwest Record
 The sax man takes you on a different kind of mash up as he mixes left leaning jazz with Bulgarian folk music for that wild kind of dissonance that sounds like it came from the church basement but didn't.
Midwest Record

Published by BVS Reviews
Eastern Shadows is definitely an interesting album. Jazz With A Eastern European Style. Although there are Western influences to be heard in the music, there are as many Eastern European tone to it as well.
Bruce Von Stiers

Dianne Reeves

Published by БНР
Саксофонистът Димитър Льолев се оказа един от героите на  A to JazZ Festival. Това, което накара публиката да аплодира силно появяването му отново на фестивалната… read more
Бояна Андреева

"Liolev has created a lasting release in his already growing trilogy of recordings. The cornerstone of his sound lies in the robust execution and international flair of the melding of cultures. Eastern Shadows exhibits these character traits throughout."
Nolan Conghaile

" Dimitar plays alto sax and is joined by Martin Tashev – Trumpet, Flugehorn, Vocals; Massimiliano Rolff – DoubleBass and Dimitar Semov – Drums in an excellent all-original jazz foray from Europe that will thrill your ears ( not to mention your whole soul )." read more
Dick Metcalf

Published by Jazz Fm
"Толкова интересен за слушане албум! В Eastern Shadows на Димитър Льолев музикантите говорят помежду си тъй сладко, че се чувстваш включен в разговора."
Светослав Николов